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We Provide Any Type of Notarization for General Public and Law Offices

Main Services

The team at NB Notaries wants to serve our clients in the best way possible. We can offer services for mortgage documents, witness and borrower signatures, and other real estate documents.

Other Services

If you need other types of notarizations, just ask. We can provide services for a variety of documents for law offices and the general public. Additionally, we can help clients nationwide. With a database of more than 66,000 notaries, as well as multilingual notarizations.

Our Clients

Our clients vary just as much as our services. General public, law offices, and escrow companies can all benefit from our notary services. We can help multilingual clients and those in need of notary services across the country.

Our Focus

Our biggest focus is on our customer’s satisfaction. To that end, we provide easy scheduling options, last-minute signing services, and multilingual notarizations. We will always make sure that you understand and are happy with the documents that you are signing.

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